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Make It, Don’t Fake It: an ABTB Means Business Fireside Adventure with Sabrina Horn

June 22, 2021 @ 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


About the Event

For over ten years, Adventures by the Book has been offering our signature one-of-a-kind, multi-sensorial events and travels with authors. That’s because when it comes to connecting people and communities with books, we mean business! And now, we are taking that mission quite literally and are thrilled to introduce the second in our new series, Adventures by the Book Means Business, offering you the opportunity to meet some of the greatest minds in the business world.

Join award-winning CEO, C-Suite advisor, communications expert and author Sabrina Horn on Fireside as she discusses her new book, Make It, Don’t Fake It, in conversation with Susan McBeth, founder and CEO of Adventures by the Book and NovelNetwork. This is your unique opportunity to  chat live* with Sabrina to ask questions or to converse with her “on stage.” Find out why this enormously successful CEO does not believe in the “fake it til you make it” approach, because authentic leadership eliminates the need for short-cuts that sabotage success.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, author, or just want to learn more about the core of leadership, integrity, and authenticity in your life, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from someone who has been there and done just that! Learn from her advice that will empower leaders to disarm fear and organize risk, manage setbacks, plan for the unexpected, and create a culture designed for long-term, sustainable growth.

Your Adventure includes a paperback copy of Make It, Don’t Fake It, tax, shipping within the U.S. and Canada, a live Fireside discussion with Sabrina, Q&A, and the unique opportunity to converse live* with one of Silicon Valley’s first female tech CEO’s.

*Admission to this event is unique, as Fireside is open by invite only. Simply purchase a book below and we will send you a private VIP link to attend the virtual event. An iPhone or iPad is required to chat live with Sabrina on the virtual stage; however, event is accessible via live broadcast on all devices. Event access is provided via instructions emailed to you three days prior to the event.

About the Author and Book

Sabrina Horn is an award-winning CEO, C-suite advisor, communications expert, and author. With only $500 and five years of work experience, she founded Horn Group, a public relations firm that for a quarter century, advised thousands of executives and their companies—from the hottest startups to the Fortune 500. She was one of few female CEOs in Silicon Valley in the early 1990s and has always aimed to exemplify authenticity and advise her clients on its merits. She’s written for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, and CMO.com.

Sabrina founded Horn Group, a public relations firm, with $500 and five years’ job experience, becoming one of few female CEOs in Silicon Valley in the early 1990s. Over a quarter century, her firm advised thousands of executives and their companies—from the hottest startups to the Fortune 500—doing so with a special focus on authenticity. Horn Group was one of the most enduring, iconic brands in the tech world, with multiple offices in the US and global reach.

It received national acclaim as best US employer, best US Tech agency, and as a Top 10 US Independent Tech PR Firm, among many other accolades for excellence in service and creativity. In 2015, Horn oversaw her firm’s successful acquisition by Finn Partners, a global marketing company. More recently, she founded a new consulting practice, HORN Strategy where she advises entrepreneurs as they navigate the early stages of their business

In her new book, Make It, Don’t Fake It, Sabrina gives leaders the tools to resist “short hacks,” and the courage to lead with authenticity and integrity. It’s not as simple as just being a good person or having morals. Driven to succeed, entrepreneurs and executives-almost anyone moving up the corporate ladder-can be tempted to exaggerate or minimize the truth, only to sabotage their own success and destroy their reputation.

So instead of digging yourself out of a hole with damage control, why not steer clear of fakery by taking the path to real leadership, an authentic foundation, and enduring success? Sabrina shows us how by writing from two valuable vantage points: as a leader in public relations-a profession know for its spin-and as a CEO of her own national firm. She draws on 25 years of insights and stories to show how e can flip fakery into authenticity to reap greater rewards.
authenticity and integrity.

About Fireside

We are thrilled to announce that Adventures by the Book has been invited to host a literary series on Fireside which will include book discussions, author talks, book clubs, special presentations, and much more.

During the course of WWII, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted a series of “fireside chats” on the radio, as a way to regularly communicate self-assurance and calm during times of despair and uncertainty in our country. While once a thing of the past, thanks to the brilliant collaboration of billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank TV star, Mark Cuban, and Falon Fatemi, former CEO and Founder of Node.ai, Fireside chats are back, bigger and better than ever, and in a technological format that allows YOU to actively participate!

Fireside is the exclusive, invite-only new podcast platform for the next generation – a socially responsible space for us to come together in real-time to collaborate and create meaningful conversations. Together, we will engage in discussion, debate, and discourse in a public forum and make it a thing of celebration and beauty. We are ready to share our microphone with you and hope you’ll join us as we collaborate in the world’s most dynamic auditorium.





June 22, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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