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Women, Wealth, & Whiskey Adventure

September 22, 2016 @ 5:30 PM

in partnership with Watermark

About the Event

watermark-logoAdventures by the Book is pleased to partner with Watermark for an Women, Wealth, & Whiskey Adventure with Theresa Ghilarducci, labor economist and nationally-recognized expert in retirement security

How do you retire with enough money, and how do you know what enough is? That’s the question Theresa Ghilarducci will answer at this Women, Wealth, & Whiskey (Tasting!) Adventure.

Shockingly, a majority of Americans have less than $30,000 in retirement savings. One third have saved nothing at all. Tens of millions of middle-class Americans turning 65 in the next decade are on track to be living in or near poverty after they quit working. These are sobering figures, but the good news is that you do have the power to plan your work life so that it leads to a retirement on your own terms – meaning time for relaxation and exploration later in life.

Join Watermark as labor economist, author and nationally recognized expert in retirement security Teresa Ghilarducci shares her sharp insights from How to Retire with Enough Money: And How To Know What Enough Is. Cutting through the confusion and misinformation, Teresa offers an easy-to-follow action plan and what you can do now to ensure your secure retirement. She’ll share thoughts on:

  • Creating a comfortable nest egg, eight times your annual salary.
  • How to make money grow, including a dozen good ideas to get current expenses under control.
  • Why you should “get rid of your guy” – that financial planner whose fees suck up your valuable assets.
  • How to get the very most out of Social Security – and why it’s a healthy and dependable system.
  • The incalculable advantage of paying off your mortgage. It’s tempting to put money into investments instead, but getting out from under home-ownership debt is a guaranteed win.
  • The dual benefit of downsizing before retiring, including 10 proven strategies for cutting back on spending.
  • Eat your veggies and get more exercise. Doesn’t sound like financial advice? It is: Preventing diseases like diabetes can save a person over a quarter of a million dollars.

Teresa presents no gimmicks or magical thinking – just an easy-to-follow blueprint of common financial success that works for everyone, whether you’re in your mid-50s and starting to worry, or you’re 20 years younger and planning ahead.

About the Author and Book

Teresa Ghilarducci is an expert on retirement, pensions and personal savings and the Bernard L. and Irene Schwartz Chair in Economic Policy Analysis at The New School for Social Research. She has a PhD in economics from the University of California, Berkeley and taught previously at the University of Notre Dame. Her 2008 book, When I’m Sixty-Four: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them, was recognized for containing the best economic idea of 2008 by The New York Times. Her book Labor’s Capital: The Politics and Economics of Private Pensions won The Association of American Publishers award for the best business book of 1992. She has written for, and been featured in, The New York Times, Money, Kiplinger’s, Businessweek, U.S. News & World Report, Parade and more.

How To Retire With Enough Money is a single-sit read than can change the course of your retirement. In just over 100 pages this book cuts through the confusion, misinformation, and bad policy-making that keeps us spending or saving poorly. It begins with acknowledging what a person or household actually needs to have saved—the rule of thumb is eight to ten times your annual salary before retirement—and how much to expect from Social Security. And then it delivers the basic principles that will make the money grow, including a dozen good ideas to get current expenses under control. Why to “get rid of your guy”—those for-fee (or hidden-fee) financial planners that suck up valuable assets. Why it’s always better to pay off a loan or a mortgage.



September 22, 2016
5:30 PM
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