Our Mission

Adventures by the Book® offers worldwide opportunities for readers to connect with authors and their books on an intimate basis through unique, interesting, and adventurous travels & events.

Our Story

Adventures by the Book, LLC was created in 2011 by Founder and CEO Susan McBeth, the name behind some of the biggest literary events in San Diego and beyond. Susan couldn’t escape the feeling that traditional book signings were missing something. Shouldn’t an author’s personal presence be used to create a more unique experience?

Susan launched ABTB to connect authors and their books with the local reading community through custom designed, interactive, and what we like to call “multi-sensorial,” literary events. Adventures by the Book® has since become a home base for passionate readers, published authors, aspiring writers, and others who enjoy engaging cultural events and the written word. The fact is: when readers and their favorite authors share a person exchange, magic happens..



Founder & CEO, Susan McBeth

Adventures by the Book® founder Susan McBeth has specialized in event planning for over 30 years. Before launching Adventures by the Book® and NovelNetwork®, she was the Director of Marketing and Events for one of the oldest independent bookstores in the United States. Through her career, Susan has had extensive experience working alongside publishers, publicists, agents, authors, and readers. Her experience and creativity led her to develop a dynamic brand of literary events designed to meet and exceed the expectations of readers and authors.

Susan is the author of a chapter in Everyday Book Marketing and she is a contributing editor to international online magazine Wine Dine & Travel, with her column “Travel by the Book.” She has been featured on NBC San Diego, KPBS, The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine, Women’s Radio, and many more. Susan is a facilitator for the Osher Institute of Higher Learning at San Diego State University and sits on the advisory committee for KPBS’s One Book, One San Diego. She holds a Masters in Comparative Literature from San Diego State University; her thesis was titled “The Historicity of Fiction in Holocaust Literature.”

Director of Events, Selina Valladolid

Adventures by the Book® Director of Events Selina Valladolid had been working in independent bookstores since her first year of college at the University of California, San Diego. Forever a lover of STEM, she was studying Astrophysics for four years until she realized that her dream was to continue working in books instead of a lab. So in her fourth year of college, Selina switched over to a major in literature and was accepted into the honors program.

Selina graduated from UCSD in 2018 with a degree in World Literature with Honors. Her thesis was titled “The Suffrage Movement’s Reclamation of Jane Austen.” Her passion led her to join the Adventures by the Book® team soon after graduation, and she is excited for all the possibilities that books can bring.